Are you a small guy and shy about it?

Are you a small guy and shy about it?

If you aren’t that big, you might feel shy and intimidated by enormous dicks and big chicks in those porn videos. But you don’t have to be since there are all kinds of people on this planet and some ladies are on the smaller side too.

What to do?

Try watching porn with petite pornstars. Gradually, you’ll start to realise that these chicks aren’t that bigger than you are. So, you’ll feel comfortable around them.

Then, you can try hooking up with a cam girl. You don’t have to go anywhere, unlike when you want to meet with a prostitute. In addition, that girl will be good to you since you are paying her money.

You don’t have to feel like a loser about that since it’s just a way for you to boost your self-esteem and get back on the horse.

Then you can start hanging out on the online forums where petite ladies and their admirers hang out. After some time, you’ll surely start bump into girls you like, setting yourself for potential dates and sex down the road.

Just don’t lose your heart and keep searching for petite ladies who will like you for who you are.