How to understand what type of women you like?

How to understand what type of women you like?

If you are a younger guy, the chances are that you might not know what your type of women is. And, of course, you can just dick around and find that out by trial and error. However, you can take another course that will help you do that without the collateral damage in place.

What to do?

You should browse through various types of porn until you bump into something that you really like. Be it ebony girls, blonde beauties or petite pornstars. This will educate you and give some pleasure along the way. Keep changing to different kinds of films.

You don’t have to watch porno videos for many hours on end, but it makes sense to observe all kinds of girls, so that you don’t miss anything specific in your search for the perfect girl.

After you’ve narrowed down your scope of search, you should consider setting up a “conference call” with a cam girl of this type. Play together with her and see whether you like her that much or not. Of course, you can hook up with all kinds of ladies these days on webcam, so that you can arrive at a definitive answer to the big question.