How to freshen up your sexual relations?

How to freshen up your sexual relations?

If your sexcapades are getting increasingly boring, you need to start taking active steps. Nothing will change unless you take an effort.

And talking to your mate won’t work a bit because she’ll get defensive on you!

What to do?

First, you should suggest that you two watch some porn videos with the famous pornstars.

Together, you will be able to observe how those chicks pleasure their males, what kind of sex games they play and what techniques they employ. You will need to try and repeat these actions in your own bedroom repertoire.

Second, take it out of the bedroom. Our brains love novelty and surprises. Set up a night at the hotel, fuck your girl outside in the forest, or in the car, or the tent. This diversity will boil your blood and make you both feel adventurous and young.

Third, consider a threesome. This is a very brave step for your coupe and you’ll never feel the same. But if you do this, you’ll find a rainbow of new feelings and emotions towards each other. And you won’t feel old and boring. That’s for sure!